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Hey! Thanks for stopping by The Apple. We are a full-spectrum, independent site covering the New York Mets.

Long story short, this site was born out of necessity.

When we were faced with the dilemma of having plenty to say but no platform to express those opinions from, a decision was made.

At The Apple, you can expect smart analysis with factual, statistical-based foundations. Written content, podcasts, live streams; we want to do it all.

We’re happy to have you here, appreciate your support, and look forward your patronage. LFGM.

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lead writer and proprietor of The Apple
Die hard Mets fan and aspiring journalist. Will write (and talk) until I can't.
Lifelong Mets fan. Carlos Beltran apologist. Ban the wave. @metsandtheciti
Temple University alum. Born in Queens, raised in Philly. Producer for Fox 17 in Grand Rapids, MI. LFGM!
Just a kid from Connecticut. Die hard Mets fan win or lose! LFGM
Writer/Performer in Los Angeles, CA. Florida State University alum. Life long Mets fan. LFGM!
I'm a senior English major at Haverford College! Aspiring sports journalist. People ask me how I'm doing. I tell them about the Mets. They leave.
Diehard Mets fan living in Jersey. Alum of Elon University.
full spectrum, independent coverage of the New York Mets
I’m lifelong Mets fan raising two of my own. Hopefully, one day we’ll all celebrate the Mets winning a World Series together.
Twitter: @StealyMann
Mets fan on the UES, NYC #LFGM
Just a lifelong Mets fan with a lot of Passion and a little common sense
Christina has an MFA from Emerson College and a BA from UF. She's been a Mets fan her whole life so, turns out, degrees don't make you smart. @ChristinaMets15
UConn and Rutgers alum. Mets fanatic. Twitter: @metsfan0431 (For those wondering, the 04 is for Robin Ventura's number. You know who the 31 is for.)
David Wright 5ever