Thank You!!!

A brief note of gratitude...

Hey all, Tim here. What a season.

Things didn’t end up as any of us hoped, but we certainly had some fun, didn’t we? And as every one of our Little League coaches told us growing up, that’s all that counts.

No, the content doesn’t stop here (full speed ahead, in fact). But I did want to take a second to share some thoughts before we embark on what should be quite the offseason.

As many of you know, I started The Apple in February when I found myself with nowhere else to ply my trade. Eight months later, here we are. Moving right along and with a little bit of momentum behind us, to boot!

Over the course of this season, we hit the highest of highs and sunk to the lowest of lows following this team. But we did it together. To be perfectly honest, that makes all the difference.

When this team finally crosses over county lines into Titletown again, whenever that may be (sooner rather than later, please) we’ll be together for that, too. And, oh, we shall celebrate, friends.

Until then, we’re left simply enjoying the journey. Well, for the most part. And we’ll be doing so as a family.

Love, gratitude, and serenity through a long winter to each and every one of you. Sincere thanks for all of your support.

Onward and upward, for real. LFGM.


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