Stroman's HDMH Baseball Clinic a Win For All

Stro followed up his gem in Cincy with another one Thursday on Long Island

When opportunities are scarce, we create our own chances. See an obstacle, conquer it, and keep moving forward.

Overcoming adversity is something that each and every one of us does, even in our everyday lives. All of the trials we clear are the stepping stones that lead to our goals.

Then, when those opportunities arise, we’re prepared.

At Marcus Stroman’s HDHM Foundation’s inaugural baseball and softball clinic in Glen Cove, Long Island on Thursday, young ballplayers from around the area began creating their own chances with a little help from some high-profile friends.

Stroman, Taijuan Walker, Dominic Smith, and Mets assistant hitting and pitching coaches Kevin Howard and Jeremy Accardo gave 250 local kids the thrill of their lives along with some invaluable one-on-one instructional facetime.

“To get major league players down here to see our field,” Glen Cove Baseball and Softball Association president Kim Kessel told The Apple. “It’s awesome.”

Sabria Santos, COO of the HDMH Foundation, was elated with how the day unfolded.

“It’s unreal,” Santos said. “You can’t even imagine how this will turn out until you experience it. It’s just overwhelming and it’s very exciting for our family. This whole event was put on by family, volunteers, and just good people who wanted to see it happen for these kids. We’re just really excited.”

Not only were lifelong memories being created for these young players, but dozens upon dozens of seeds were also being planted for future harvest.

Once the dream — any dream — becomes real, the drive to achieve it multiples tenfold.

Hanging out — and that’s what these kids were doing, genuinely just having fun and playing ball — with professionals, getting tips on pitching mechanics or outfield work, or fielding your position off the mound (who do you think was running that drill?) is about as real as it gets.

If they can do it, I can do it.

At the end of one particular session, Stroman brought the group together. Just to chat. How cool is that?

He showed them some pitching grips, explained a bit about generating movement, and made it a point to share a bit of his mindset on the mound, telling them to truly believe you’re better than whoever is in your way and let that confidence guide you.

Those words ring true in baseball and in life. Just ask Marcus Stroman.

“I’ve been told by everybody and their mothers that I wouldn’t make it based on height alone,” Stroman told The Apple. “So I started this Height Doesn’t Measure Heart mantra saying probably like the last year of high school, early on in college and it kinda grew with me.”

“And it applies to everything, man — height doesn’t measure heart but also in a sense of everyone battles adversity,” he said. “Everyone’s gonna go through something in life. It’s the ability to get through it and to keep going.”

As for the foundation itself, the Stroman family has big plans for the future.

“Essentially, my family and I turned this into a foundation that’s gonna be geared toward inner-city youth and a scholarship fund that will help young kids hopefully get into colleges that they wouldn't have normally have gotten into based on financial reasons.”

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do,” Stroman said. “I’m excited. This is the first clinic that we’re doing for HDMH and it’s a huge success. Kinda build off this moving forward.”

(Hear Stroman’s full quotes on tomorrow’s episode of Simply Amazin’)

Taijuan Walker, who worked the mounds with Jeremy Accardo all day and looked like they were having a terrific time doing so, was also thrilled with how the day turned out.

“It’s special, man,” Walker said. “Stroman’s first one, great turnout; 250 kids, max capacity. Just to see all the kids out here. This is my first time doing something like this so it’s pretty cool.”

Earl Stroman, Marcus’ father, may have summed up the day’s events best: “All these smiles…”

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