No Time to Be Timid, Mets Have Glory in Sight

Zack Scott & Co. have their work cut out for them on Deadline Day

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By the time team president Sandy Alderson and general manager Zack Scott address the team’s media corps at 5:30 PM Friday afternoon, the Mets’ roster could look quite a bit different.

There are known targets. There are unknown options. There will be bedlam. This is what the trade deadline is all about.

The Mets have the opportunity to add to what’s turning out to be a magical group. Yes, consistency has eluded this team for most of the season, but so has the overall health of the ballclub.

Mets Making the Dream Work

Now that things are trending in the right direction — on all fronts; production and injuries alike — the natural progression of the situation should lead to a good, old-fashioned push toward the postseason via roster tinkering.

We’re seeing it happen all over the league. Teams are gearing up. Milwaukee. San Diego. The freaking Dodgers.

Los Angeles was reported to have nabbed Max Scherzer and Trea Turner from the Nationals on Thursday evening, which is what teams with championship aspirations do.

The Dodgers woke up Friday three games back of San Francisco in the NL West and leading the Wild Card pack by five games over Cincinnati (Padres hold the second spot, 2.5 games back of LA).

Los Angeles saw the opportunity to gain pole position down the home stretch and took it. Baller move.

It would be hard to imagine that Alderson, Scott, and the rest of the Mets’ decision-makers weren’t paying close attention to the proceedings.

Keeping up with their divisional counterparts — the Mets enter Friday 3.5 games up on Philadelphia and four up on Atlanta — is only half the battle this time of year.

New York needs to approach the deadline with eyes on potential October counterparts and act accordingly.

Theoretically sending off J.D. Davis for Kris Bryant would bring marginal improvement at the hot corner, some defensive versatility, and a bat capable of crushing left-handers.

But that’s not what a championship-level ball club should be doing. In cases like these, you add to the roster. You don’t subtract.

The prospect cost may very well be high to acquire actual landscape-changing pieces. That’s the cost of doing business this time of year. As the clock ticks closer to the 4 PM EST deadline, asking prices will drop. But not that much.

This could be a tough day for prospect-huggers. I’m a proud one, myself. I’d hate to see Ronny Mauricio go reach stardom in another city. Because that’s where he's headed.

On the flip side of that coin, championships are really fun to celebrate.

Simply Amazin' 114

The dilemma ahead of the Mets is a tricky one. Mortgaging the future for a shot at glory has always been a slippery slope, especially for this organization. Today, in 2021, the situation is a bit different.

The trajectory of the franchise took an upward tilt upon Steve Cohen’s purchase of the team, and that energy has been palpable.

Combine that with the team finally performing at a respectable pace at the plate (coinciding with the return of most of their roster from the IL, of course), and it’s very easy to get carried away imagining this group’s potential.

In July, the Mets’ offense is tied for the MLB lead with the Dodgers in wins above replacement (5.3; FanGraphs) and leads all of baseball with their 121 wRC+. About time.

With Carlos Carrasco returning to face the Reds on Friday night and Jacob deGrom working his way toward a return to action, the Mets will soon have a rotation consisting of those two, Marcus Stroman, Taijuan Walker, Rich Hill, and Tylor Megill.

This will also play.

All the adversity and resiliency and rallying cries and fastballs to the face and raccoons and home run horses have brought us here; on the cusp of the next level.

Let’s take it there. LFGM.

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